Building in Public: Sharing

July 20, 2022
Building in Public is our ongoing series where we share an early look at the products, prototypes, tools, and technology we’re building behind the scenes.


The process of managing a portfolio of buildings is inherently collaborative. You have colleagues, leadership teams, embedded consultants, etc. Sharing should be fast and easy.

In Atlas, we’ve worked to make it easy to create and share a report with a colleague quickly. If a senior team is interested in return to office, the URL should be usable by anyone with the same permissions. Just copy the link, share, and if they’re logged in, they’ll see what you see.

Forgiving Navigation

Another small but important function is simplifying report creation. Building portfolios are large, nuanced spaces. The larger a portfolio gets, the harder it is to find your way through. This is a navigation problem. We’ve worked to make navigation fast and forgiving. This is embodied in the drop-down system. Notice how the drop-down has native search, scroll, and doesn’t disappear if you move your mouse off-target.

We’re continuing to make and test improvements to our dashboard, Atlas. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest advancements and to learn when these changes become available to our customers.

Andrew Farah, Density CEO